Metal Plating And The Gambling Industry

The excitement, the glamor, the rush of adrenaline and the mesmerizing atmosphere that almost carries you to a whole different dimension – the world of casino gambling is a fascinating one, and land venues offer the whole package. However, online gambling is catching up, and we have mind-blowing numbers that prove it. According to, the 2015 online gaming market volume reached close to 38 billion dollars. Future projections for the year 2020 are talking about close to 60 billion.

Both online and land casinos do an excellent job of providing passionate players with loads of opportunities. But brick-and-mortar venues throw in that extra “something”: the social affair factor and gold and silver glittery aesthetics that are only possible with the help of top-notch metal plating processes. If you are a people’s person and you love to get down and socialize in a gorgeous location, land venues will probably be more on your liking. Nevertheless, virtual casinos also come with a charm on their own. They allow you to access your favorite games from home or any remote location, dressed in your pajamas, at 2 in the morning, when you can’t sleep, or while commuting to work on the subway at 5 PM.

Why Is Metal Plating Important For Casinosslot machine

When most people think about gambling, their mind rapidly wanders off to places like Las Vegas or Monaco. The spark of these places and their allure is not only given by the amazing games they have in store, but also by the exquisite silver and gold designs. They are the result of high-quality metal plating. And that is where we come into the picture. We can provide you with the best chrome, gold, silver, or black metal finishes for your popular slot machines, poker tables, and the rest of the elements inside your casino. As a professional and experienced metal finishing company, we have got the right skills, knowledge, tools, and materials to cater to the needs of actors in the gambling world. We can make any casino truly pop up into the seas of competitors all around.

If you are looking for affordable, modern-day metal finishes for your obsolete casino or you are in the process of building a new poker room, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us.

Finding Your Inspiration

While metal plating processes are affordable and high-quality, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by simply thinking of all the options you could choose from. A nicely polished chrome finish or a lush and elegant golden detailing may add more to your tab, but they are well-worth it. However, the metal coating alternative can create similarly appealing results without burning a hole through your pockets. We rely on electroplating and advanced vapor deposition methods and complete metal coating onto a large number of surfaces.

Check out a few of the hottest slot machines hosted by the most popular casinos in town, or go online for more inspiration. Places like are excellent sources of inspiration – and fun. Take a look at their special slots (or pokies) gaming category and find out what are the most popular online casinos for slot lovers. Check out the most rewarding welcome bonus deals and packages and join a couple of casinos for free spins and slot machine design inspiration.

Since there are no limits to the actual design of these virtual machines – expect for game developer’s imagination – you will be able to discover hundreds of different finishes and colors. This should give you the inspiration you need for your own slot machine design project.

You could also take a look at the rest of the casino aesthetics that often times do a good job at imitating real-life gambling venues. Whether you are a casino game machine manufacturer or you are a passionate gambler looking to dive deeper into the casino universe, you will discover that the metal plating process is critical. Some casinos decide to have their own slot machine, finishes, and other decorations made out of steel and plastic, then plate more expensive metals onto them. Our team can offer you select metal plating services at good rates for 100% customer satisfaction.

Gamblers love to play quality games and test out new releases periodically. For this reason, slot machines are popping like mushrooms after the rain in most land venues since they can incorporate different machine designs and finishes, as well as new game themes, bonus rounds, and special symbols to attract new players. We also see an increasing number of virtual slot and pokies machines online, catering to the needs of gamblers looking for more convenience when playing.

Role Of Metal Finishing For Decorating Slot Machines

When we think about land based casinos, just like the ones on “the strip” of Las Vegas, we often imagine tables of card games and of roulette, and, in between, slot machines. Actually, slot machines are a core symbol of gambling games, not only in Las Vegas but everywhere there’s a casino.

Slot machines can attract the players even from a distance, thanks to their shiny metal surfaces and fine decoration in different metals: layers of nickel, chrome and copper are, in fact, the “shell” of a slot machine.

Electroplating Aluminum and Other Metalsslot machines

In order to make slot machines last longer in the smoky and crowded casino environments, manufacturers take care of decorating the machine with a chromium layer which protects the machine while adding an extra charming aspect to it.

Such chromium layer is often a nickel chrome electroplating on metals like aluminum and magnesium and sometimes even on zinc. Of course, each manufacturer has proper techniques and professional secrets that contribute to the popularity of the final product: the more eye-catching and attractive the slot machine, the happier the casino owners!

Important Features of Metal Finishing

Of course, electroplating covers can be applied on other casino games, as well, like video poker machines, pokie machines and some casino accessories to be placed in different casino rooms. What makes the difference for the manufacturers’ clients is that the machine (or any other casino accessory) looks nice at a first glance (the casino players don’t like to spend too much time to choose the most beautiful slot to play).

Another important feature is that the metal finishing is long-lasting: in a casino there are thousands of people and the machine has to be resistant and strong enough for years.

Evolution of the Casino Market

Normally, the idea of “slot machines” is mentally connected to the image of land based casino venues. However, the casino market has been evolving during the latest decades and many manufacturers noticed that, as well. As a consequence, the quality of their work has to improve even more.

A sign of the evolution of the casino market can be found in the flourishing online casino field: every year new online casinos are launched in the web… for the gamblers’ joy!

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Reasons To Play Online

If so many people decide to play on an online casino, there must be even more than one reason. In fact, online casinos offer exceptional assistance to all types of troubles or of need of information – which is a great helping tool in several situations.

Moreover, when you access an online casino from your account you have the entire casino games and services at your disposal – no need to waste time to wait for a slot machine to be free as in a land based casino!

Another reason why online casinos are gaining a large success among gamblers is that their games are completely fair and game results are 100% random – we all know that many land based casinos have a bad reputation as to safety and fairness.

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Metal Plating Services For Slot Machines

Electroplating uses electric current to cut dissolved metal cations in order to create a thin metal coating on electrodes. The procedures are mostly used for changing the surface properties of objects, including wear resistance, protection against corrosion, and aesthetics. It can also be used to make objects thicker or to create brand new objects with the help of electroforming.

The metal plating industry relies on a variety of metals, some more affordable than others. Among them, precious metals such as gold and silver tend to display additional properties compared to other types of metals. This makes them essential for a series of electroplating processes used by different industries, including casino construction. Just think of those luxurious golden, silver, and chrome finishes on casino chairs, tables, or slot machines displayed in popular land casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other parts of the world. These precious metals feature superior resistance against natural corrosion and the unavoidable wear-and-tear factor. And when gambling venues are visited by hundreds of people on a daily basis, 365 days a year, the more durable the metal finishes, the better. Thanks to their luminescence, gold and silver oftentimes become the favorite choice for plating jobs. There is also the availability factor that is known to influence the final cost of a metal plating service.

We Offer Precious Metal Plating Services

Our company is proud to provide a complex series of metal plating services that we have effectively perfected in recent years. Our extensive research and advanced design ideas allow us to handle anything from gold plating to nickel electroplating. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us and let us introduce you to our line of work and expertise. We can offer relevant advice and set up the best plan of action for your particular needs.

Whether this is your first time hiring a metal placing service for your finishes, or you need someone to work on your obsolete chairs and tables, we are the people for the job. Take a look at the line of work we do, choose your favorite metals or set up a budget and we will take care of the rest for you.

metal plating

Gold Plating For Exquisite Finishes

Gold plating is by far the most effective plating solution when money is not an issue and you are looking for some particularly unique, bright, and shiny finishes. Gold is extremely resistant to corrosion; casinos located in extreme weather and harsh climates will benefit from enhanced protection against the destructive action of corrosion.

Silver plating works similarly, and it comes at a cheaper price compared to its golden counterpart. Nickel electroplating can also be considered, especially if you are looking for aesthetic improvements or for extra protection against regular destructive factors. Nickel plating can also be used to boost the level of thickness of a given surface that requires special attention. The process can make objects brighter. The metal can also be successfully used for making a base layer for gold and silver plating.

It is not uncommon for nickel to part of an alloy together with zinc and other metals, in order to offer more protection against corrosion

Metal Plating Applications In The Casino World

Metal plating jobs can achieve excellent matte or bright finishes, depending on the need to improve the aesthetics of an object or a surface. Nickel finishes are often times used for plating home electronics, as well as in the telecommunications field. They can be decorative, when chromium is added for brightness enhancement. The most common applications here for this are car parts, while the luminous glow of the slot machines found in land casinos is a result of nicely executed decorative metal finishing jobs.

But slot machines are not the only objects that can benefit from the amazing benefits of metal plating. Chair parts and a series of architectural pieces usually found in brick-and-mortar gambling venues throughout the world are also the work of skilled welders and metal plating engineers. Decorative metal plating is also used on a lot of gaming parts. Some casinos will opt for 24 K gold and chrome to create that shiny, flawless look players love to see. Gamblers with a particular passion for slots enjoy looking at the colorful fruity symbols encased by zinc die cast, chrome, copper, or nickel frames coated with unparalleled chrome plating. By adding the finishing chromium layer, these popular machines add a lot of shine to the frames and enable thousands of passionate slot players to enjoy the brand new looking machines for many years in a row, without looking worn-out.slot machine casino

Longevity, a powerful bond adhesion to base materials, and pristine appearance are mandatory for any reputable casino. And virtual casinos also do an excellent job at imitating these features when designing their slot, poker, or roulette games online. Those of you who do not have the possibility to join land casinos can take advantage of the welcome bonus deals and rich selection of games and catch a glimpse of the mightiness of these places. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy playing a fun game of slots from the comfort of their own home, for real money or using the casino’s free spins?