Metal Plating And The Gambling Industry

The excitement, the glamor, the rush of adrenaline and the mesmerizing atmosphere that almost carries you to a whole different dimension – the world of casino gambling is a fascinating one, and land venues offer the whole package. However, online gambling is catching up, and we have mind-blowing numbers that prove it. According to, the 2015 online gaming market volume reached close to 38 billion dollars. Future projections for the year 2020 are talking about close to 60 billion.

Both online and land casinos do an excellent job of providing passionate players with loads of opportunities. But brick-and-mortar venues throw in that extra “something”: the social affair factor and gold and silver glittery aesthetics that are only possible with the help of top-notch metal plating processes. If you are a people’s person and you love to get down and socialize in a gorgeous location, land venues will probably be more on your liking. Nevertheless, virtual casinos also come with a charm on their own. They allow you to access your favorite games from home or any remote location, dressed in your pajamas, at 2 in the morning, when you can’t sleep, or while commuting to work on the subway at 5 PM.

Why Is Metal Plating Important For Casinosslot machine

When most people think about gambling, their mind rapidly wanders off to places like Las Vegas or Monaco. The spark of these places and their allure is not only given by the amazing games they have in store, but also by the exquisite silver and gold designs. They are the result of high-quality metal plating. And that is where we come into the picture. We can provide you with the best chrome, gold, silver, or black metal finishes for your popular slot machines, poker tables, and the rest of the elements inside your casino. As a professional and experienced metal finishing company, we have got the right skills, knowledge, tools, and materials to cater to the needs of actors in the gambling world. We can make any casino truly pop up into the seas of competitors all around.

If you are looking for affordable, modern-day metal finishes for your obsolete casino or you are in the process of building a new poker room, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us.

Finding Your Inspiration

While metal plating processes are affordable and high-quality, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by simply thinking of all the options you could choose from. A nicely polished chrome finish or a lush and elegant golden detailing may add more to your tab, but they are well-worth it. However, the metal coating alternative can create similarly appealing results without burning a hole through your pockets. We rely on electroplating and advanced vapor deposition methods and complete metal coating onto a large number of surfaces.

Check out a few of the hottest slot machines hosted by the most popular casinos in town, or go online for more inspiration. Places like are excellent sources of inspiration – and fun. Take a look at their special slots (or pokies) gaming category and find out what are the most popular online casinos for slot lovers. Check out the most rewarding welcome bonus deals and packages and join a couple of casinos for free spins and slot machine design inspiration.

Since there are no limits to the actual design of these virtual machines – expect for game developer’s imagination – you will be able to discover hundreds of different finishes and colors. This should give you the inspiration you need for your own slot machine design project.

You could also take a look at the rest of the casino aesthetics that often times do a good job at imitating real-life gambling venues. Whether you are a casino game machine manufacturer or you are a passionate gambler looking to dive deeper into the casino universe, you will discover that the metal plating process is critical. Some casinos decide to have their own slot machine, finishes, and other decorations made out of steel and plastic, then plate more expensive metals onto them. Our team can offer you select metal plating services at good rates for 100% customer satisfaction.

Gamblers love to play quality games and test out new releases periodically. For this reason, slot machines are popping like mushrooms after the rain in most land venues since they can incorporate different machine designs and finishes, as well as new game themes, bonus rounds, and special symbols to attract new players. We also see an increasing number of virtual slot and pokies machines online, catering to the needs of gamblers looking for more convenience when playing.

Everything You Need To Know About Electroplating

Among the innovative solutions we provide here at Roy Metal Finishing, we can mention zinc iron, tin zinc, or zinc allow plating services that can provide enhanced protection against corrosion compared to regular plating. We also specialize in a wide series of topcoats and passivations. If you are interested in learning more about the electroplating process, here are a few details you should find interesting.

What Is Electroplating?electrician services

Shortly put, electroplating is the name of a process that relies on electricity to reduce dissolved cations in order to create a metal coating on electrodes. The process is mostly used to change the surface properties of objects, and to better protect them against corrosion, wear-and-tear, or abrasion.

Electrochemical deposition is another procedure that focuses on growing metals and conducting metal oxides. Pulse electroplating is a swift alternating the current or the potential between different values. This results in equal pulses that are separated by zero current. When the thickness of a deposited film needs to be changed, this procedure should be helpful.

As a professional electrician or electromechanical engineer, you may be hired to experiment with various parameters in terms of electroplating. Commercial electrician services can handle a series of services, including maintenance and emergency interventions at the site of a problem, installations and home ventilation, emergency lighting and thermal graphic scans, safety switches, and even electroplating services. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field, or you are already an apprentice, here are a few extra details on what it means to be an electrician in the 21st century.

What Is Expected From An Electrician?

When home appliances or office equipment and lights are faulty or stop working out of the blue, hiring professional electricians is mandatory. These technicians are responsible for re-wiring broken wires or loose wires, or improperly insulated wires. The job of an electrician also involves the following:

  • installing electrical systems

  • maintaining panels and upgrading them periodically

  • fixing and installing outlets and switches

  • performing safety inspections

  • installing solar panels

  • landscape lighting installations and fixes

  • generator installation and repairs

  • home and commercial services

  • and more

A blowing fuse or a broken electrical panel will not fix themselves. However, they will incur greater expenses through a repetitive breakdown of appliances and expensive office gear. The sooner an electrician will fix these problems, the better. But fast service and fast response during emergencies are not the only qualities a good locksmith should have. Professional electricians should be able to handle all types and sizes of jobs and answer 24-hour emergency calls every day. People are looking for fully reliable, professional, and friendly services they can create powerful bonds with over the time. Maintenance work is a must for a well functioning electrical system inside an office, a store, a mall, or a residential home. Any small issues that are caught early could make the difference between expensive repairs later on and small investments on the spot.

Customers also expect electricians to engage in proactive advice giving and recommend the best plans of action in a variety of matters. Ranging from the simplest solutions to the most complex repairs or electrical panel replacement or electroplating needs, you will need to be fully prepared to act on time, exactly when you are needed.

Often times, faulty outlets or electrical system can jeopardize the health and safety of the people living or working in the affected environment. The sooner you can reach their location and handle the emergency you have been solicited for, the better. So be prepared to work late night and early morning shifts and cater to the needs of people in your geographical location.

Electricians are also excellent mobile service providers. Companies that cover local, state, or national customer databases like the ones Prosco recommends are able to cover nearby service needs of people in urgent need of their assistance. If you are preparing for a job in the field, you should be ready for the stress and long travel times that usually come with the job.

To increase your chances of getting hired, you should also undergo the right training and accumulate as much experience working as an electrician as possible. Apprenticeship time also helps, and it could propel you as a handy and reliable local locksmith sooner than you might think.

Why Us

Each of our electrical contractors is certified to care for your residential and commercial electrician needs. A professional electrician has undergone training and has experience in servicing your electrical installation and electric repair needs. Additionally, because of the security risks involved in hiring an electrician to work in your home or office, each technician on our team has undergone a thorough background check before joining our team. When it comes to selecting an electrician to service your home electrical needs, we know you have options. Here are the reasons why you should consider calling upon our local electrician teams:

  • We offer friendly and professional Services Courteous

  • We complete our electrical tasks in a clean and efficient way 

  • Honest and fair service prices

  • We provide a full-service guarantee on all tasks completed

Faulty or damaged electrical wiring can be unsafe for your family, and it can even lead to house fires if left unattended. Our licensed electricians are familiar with code compliance and safety standards, leaving you with outstanding results every day. If you have any loose wires, wires that are worn or are not properly insulated, you must have an emergency electrician over to resolve the issue for you promptly for your safety. Get ready to be friendly, open to suggestions, and ready to politely and thoroughly answer all customer questions and concerns.